Keep Your Eyes On The Road

It’s amazing how the smallest things in life can teach us the biggest lessons.  This morning I was looking for a parking spot in my college’s enormous parking lot. It was so full that the top and bottom lots were completely packed, and some vehicles were even double parked. I was driving around for a bit looking for an empty spot, and asking Hashem to help me find a spot. I then realized that I was looking for the wrong thing. I realized that it’s not the car that’s important, but rather the driver. So I found a driver walking towards their car, and in under a minute was safely parked in their spot. In life we have to realize that what’s important is not the car, rather it’s the driver. Focus on who you are, and not only on what you have. At the end of the day our bodies, our status, and our externalities are just the vehicle. The most important thing is to make sure that the soul – the driver – gets to its destination safely, efficiently, and with full awareness and pure intention. This vehicle can be the most amazing piece of technology in the world, but if there is no driver, then there’s no point for the car to drive anywhere. A growing Jew is like a finely tuned sports car, sensitive to every change in the road, and capable of adapting to any situation. Even the gear shift is not automatic, but rather must be changed at precise intervals by the driver. So it is in our lives. We must be racing toward our destination – that of closeness with and cleaving to our Creator – and we must have a hunger to reach our top potential. We must be attuned to the nuanced changes in our lives, be capable of adapting to the new situation, and prepared to “shift gears” when it is time for us to take our observance to the next level. A Jew must be driven, but not by automation. It’s got to come from within.


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