Tzaddikim At Sea

This morning I went to do some hitbodedut by the ocean. I was speaking to Hashem, thinking. I look at the ocean and said to Hashem, this must be a lesson and parable for how the tzaddikim live. The waves keep on seeking to come out to the land, and again and again and again they come close, they break and they don’t make it out to the land – but eventually the ocean wears away the beach and it makes big stones into little pieces of sand, and eventually moves forward into land. This is the same as the tzaddik. He tries serving Hashem, and often meets failures, but he keeps trying anyway, and eventually he erodes the rocks before him, and he progresses little wave by little wave. Eventually the stone wall that is blocking the path between him and Hashem will be worn down to small pieces of sand. so long as you persevere in your efforts, and never give up and serving Hashem with all your might, no challenge will ever stand before you, and you shall destroy all of your self-imposed limitations that are hindering you from cleaving to Hashem.


What do YOU think of this Torah Thought? Share your thoughts below!

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